Our receptionists are here to help you and they have all received specific training for their role at the practice. Sometimes they may need to ask for further details regarding your request to ensure it is delt with appropriately – they are not being nosey and are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctor and Nurses. As part of our practice policy our receptionists will ask for a reason when you book your appointment.  These reasons are:

  • The practice is paper light accredited and no longer uses any paper medical records
  • Our clinicians need to see on screen the reason why you are booking your appointment
  • You may need a longer appointment time – our receptionists can offer this if they know the reason why
  • We may not be able to offer you an appointment for the type of reason you are requesting – in order to save your time and ours we can then look for the alternative booking
  • Appointments are being wasted for invalid reasons – by knowing what the reason is we can free up appointments for genuine need
  • All our staff offer confidential support & advice.  They are bound by the rules of confidentiality so therefore there is no need to worry about giving the reason


Please do not blame the receptionists if the Doctor is running late, or if she is unable to offer you just what you want. Remember they are trying to do a difficult and demanding job and are often working under pressure.